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Starting October 12, 2020

Length: 6 weeks
When: Monday Evenings 8pm central
Where: Online via Zoom
Starts: January 18th, 2021
Cost: Whatever you want to pay! 

In 2019 Fortress Press released Confident Humility: Becoming Your Full Self without Becoming Full of Yourself.
Wow! This book transformed people! (see testimonials below).
Walk through this groundbreaking book with author Dan Kent in this weekly online class.

How do I find Security?    How do I find Confidence?    How do I find Peace?

A world of well intentioned people bombard us every day with quotes and advice meant to inspire us and to improve our lives. Yet depression, anxiety, addiction, and suicide increase all around us.


I believe most of the supposed wisdom we encounter every day emerges from one of two flawed and destructive views of human nature. I call these views the Ditch of Smallness and the Ditch of Bigness.

The Ditch of Smallness

  • People are fundamentally bad
  • Our greatest spiritual danger is pride.

The Ditch of Bigness

  • People are fundamentally good
  • Shame is our greatest danger

Confident Humility

In Confident Humility, I presented a third view, a road between these toxic ditches. Jesus overthrows both ditches, revealing an understanding of self that frees us from the toxicity of the ditches and empowers us to live securely and confidently.

This isn't just other-worldly spirituality. It's deeply transformational here and now. The ditches inevitably lead to shame and arrogance, and Shame & Arrogance happen to amplify dysfunction (making our depression darker, our anxiety tighter, our addictions stickier, and so forth).

Humility, as Jesus teaches it, counteracts both shame and pride, thereby subverting two major psychological forces that thwart us. Once we embrace this new way of seeing ourselves—how Jesus knows us to be—we begin to relate to ourselves, to others, and to the world around us, in a way that allows us to overcome a whole host of vices and self-sabotaging behaviors.

Furthermore, whereas both ditches inevitably lead to powerlessness and passivity, humility as Jesus teaches it empowers, fosters proactivity, and serves as a scaffold for true confidence.

Join author Dan Kent on a deep exploration of this life-changing teaching!

Each weekly session will run from 1 to 2 hours, with a presentation followed by discussion.

Both conceptual and practical, this teaching will explore topics like shame, arrogance, insecurity, confidence, depression, anxiety, addiction, and so much more!

Week 1: The Fundamentals of Jesus's Transformational Teaching

We start off by jumping deep into the gears and pistons of Jesus's radical revelation about human worth. We'll look at the nature of shame and arrogance, the seduction of destructive ideologies (Ditch of Bigness & Ditch of Smallness), corrupted understandings of humility, Jesus's empowering teaching of humility, and the peculiar power of gratitude to keep us on the right road.

Week 2: Growing into the Profound Security Jesus Offers

Next we talk about growing in to the security that Jesus offers. This means disentangling ourselves from potent delusions that keep us insecure. We'll look at how the ditches lead to oppression, how shame & pride are actually the same thing, and how to escape the distorted life of esteemating.

Week 3: Becoming Proactive and Empowered

The ditches inevitably lead us to passivity and powerlessness. Since humility, as Jesus teaches it, counteracts both ditches, it leads to proactivity and empowerment. We'll look at how this works, and how humility allows us to cultivate teachable spirits, and to activate a radical mindset of forgiveness.

Week 4: Becoming Confident

You can be humble and confident. In fact, I argue that the only way you can be truly confident is by first growing into the humility Jesus teaches. We'll look at common misconceptions of what confidence is and how to get it. We will also look at the difference between excellence & perfection, between competition & conflict, and how both ditches sabotage true confidence.

Week 5-6: Tools, Tactics, and Applications

These final weeks will be spent looking at tricks and tactics to live in to the personal and social vitality humility offers. We will also look more specifically at how the teachings in this book might help alleviate the burdens of things like anxiety, depression, and addiction.

What Readers Are Saying...

"For me, getting out of the ditch of Smallness and shedding shame for humility (rather than pride) was one of the most transformative lessons in my adult life... Highly recommend this read."


"Life Changing! A fairly easy read, but possesses some of the most profound and helpful insights I've ever experienced. It's practical in that I feel like I have a toolbox of wonderful tools to move forward with. My spirit is settled in ways it hasn't been for a long time... Will change many lives."


"Finally! I've anxiously awaited getting this book. It did not disappoint! It have put this book on my top ten list of books that have totally changed my perspective."


"Dan is masterful... hilarious, thought provoking, and makes you reflect on how you have approached this subject. If you desire to see yourself and others with more clarity, get it. Read it. Make others do the same! Great work!"


"The best understanding of humility I have ever read! This excellent book by Dan Kent shows what humility is and isn't, and invites you to be confident in who God made you to be."


"I highly recommend this amazing book! I've heard before that humility was the opposite of pride, but this book shows how that is not true. It teaches how we can be confident and humble at the same time and argues that is how God intends us to be!"


"Have you ever read a book that compelled you to look at what you have been practicing and think to yourself, "Oh sh*t! I've been doing it all wrong!?" For me Confident Humility by Dan Kent is that book... There are very few books in recent years that have impacted me so deeply."


"Where has this book been all my life? I've struggled with depression for years. In my late 20s and early 30s... I felt, deep in my spirit, the things that Dan puts down in writing here. Highly recommended."


"I have this insatiable hunger for a sound understanding and desire for all that Jesus has offered us. I've read your book Confident Humility which I think is a MASTERPIECE. Well done!"


"A MUST-READ. This book TRANSFORMED my understanding of humility and how to view myself. It's so radical a concept it must be true. Highly recommended."


"This book has insights no one else has written. I find things in every chapter, often in every section, that are TRANSFORMATIVE. Having just a couple chapters of this book is worth the price."

John B.

"You get to my age and you realize most books say the same thing other books say, but just swap the words around. This book finally says SOMETHING NEW."

Clyde V.

About Dan Kent

Dan wrote Confident Humility: Becoming Your Full Self Without Becoming Full of Yourself and the series The Training of KX12. Dan preaches as Teaching Pastor at Woodland Hills Church in Maplewood Minnesota. He also hosts and produces ReKnew’s Podcast Greg Boyd: Apologies & Explanations. You can follow him on Facebook and Twitter.


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