Today is the Next Monotonous Day of the Rest of Your Life (a motivational post)

The problem with all these THIS-IS-THE-FIRST-DAY-OF-THE-REST-OF-YOUR-LIFE folks is that they emphasize the wrong thing. Their intention (noble and pure) is to get you to realize how special THIS day is, to get you all in a frenzy about THIS day. They want to tap into that part of you that hungers to do great things.

The problem: doing great things requires long-term commitment, consistency, perseverance, things like that. They want you to “Seize the Day!” But to do really great things you sorta have to “Seize the Year,” or “Seize the Decade.” But here’s the rub: in order to sustain effective effort for such a long range, one can’t get too worked-up about any specific day.

You can’t swallow a waterfall in a day, and if someone gets you all excited and you try to do too much at once, you’ll drown. The most effective people I know don’t view today any different than yesterday or tomorrow. They learn to cherish the monotony of the day. They cherish the dull daily rituals that slowly and imperceptible nudge, massage, and nurture them into the effective artists, thinkers, writers, or leaders that they want to be. 

Dan Kent