Parenting Styles and Perceptions of God


How does our parent’s parenting style impact our perception of God? Diana Baumrind studied parenting styles and established the model that is still in use today. She argued that there are three different styles of parenting, two of which are dysfunctional. Authoritarian parents are controlling and tie the affection they give their children to the performance of the child. Permissive parents do not provide many controls over their kids and they give their affection, it often appears, arbitrarily. The healthy parent (called authoritative) provides controls based on the collaborative relationship with their kids, and affection is persistent.

Dan argues that God-seekers often perceive of God in one of these ways. Some of us consider God full of rules and expectations, and since we are fallible, God is often disappointed and withholding of affection. Others consider God as permissive, abounding in grace. Just as these styles are destructive to kids in a parenting context, they are also spiritually destructive from a discipleship context.

In this workshop, Dan argues that God is an authoritative God, and exposes what keeps us from seeing him as he is. He also shows the dangers of misperception.

For a unique, eye-opening teaching that can radically re-orient us toward God, schedule Dan today!

Length: 1 to 2 hours

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