Making Jesus Our ONE Teacher


In the blockbuster science-fiction movie The Matrix, Neo discovers his entire world, his job, his life, his history, everything, is fake. A peculiar man named Morpheus comes to him and reveals Neo’s reality to be an elaborate computer simulation, then offers to help Neo escape this fake realm into the real world.

Jesus delivers a similar revelation to you and me. The world is not what it seems. There’s more to reality than meets the eye. Covert forces lull us into conformity and docility through complicated lies. Like Neo, we need someone outside of the system of lies to shepherd us out. When Jesus tells his disciples, “You have one Instructor, the Messiah” (Matthew 23:10), he is establishing himself as that outside voice and declaring his unique position to help us escape. He is ourMorpheus, our escape hatch out of the matrix. But we must submit to his authority and obey him.

Obey, submit, authority, conform, comply—these are modern-day cuss words! If you’re like me, they make you cringe. Life is rife with hucksters, cults, and organizations that have perfected the art of persuasive brainwashing. Self-interested bozos from every direction are trying to win our obedience, compliance, and allegiance. We’ve seen the horrors and disastrous consequences of such obedience—we’ve seen the Nazi gestapo try to exterminate the Jews, we’ve seen Jim Jones compel his followers to drink poison, we’ve seen Bernie Madoff persuade smart people into giving him their life savings, we’ve seen the power of allegiance in horrifying groups like the Ku Klux Klan.

Everywhere we turn, persuasive personalities claim to have special knowledge or access to special truths—to get you happy, to get you rich, to get you pretty, to get you strong. Most of us have been swindled or burned. And when the hucksters are exposed, and they almost always are, the damage done is often irreversible. The time and money we invested is gone, and we’re left empty handed.

Jesus knows the world is full of hucksters, and yet he commands his disciples to teach others to “obey everything I have commanded you” (Matthew 28:20). This presentation shows why we can trust Jesus as our one teacher, and offers guidance on how to incorporate Jesus-as-teacher into our day-to-day lives. Dan discusses how to develop a teachable spirit, and exposes the false beliefs that sabotage a teachable spirit.

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