Created to Comprehend: How Faith Frees Us From Certainty and Mystery


Back when it all began, God “rustled through the foliage in the cool of the day” (Genesis 3:8). He was present in a way that touched our senses. When he moved around we knew it. We turned our heads and knew where to look. When he spoke the air moved and excited our ear drums. Heck, if he was feeling playful he could extend a finger and tickle our sides.

But God no longer rustles the foliage. His voice does not push the air. Because now we are on the other side of the great epistemic curtain which hides from us reality’s most important secret. Now we are detectives gathering clues and formulating views. Does God exist? How can we be certain? Can we know anything about God? What is knowledge? What is “faith”?

Created to Comprehend is not about learning how to know God, or some type of propaganda for certainty. It simply justifies the search.

Believers think all sorts of crazy things about faith. The goal of this teaching is to build a model of faith that makes sense, and to distinguish that model from other popular notions of faith that simply do not work. Think of faith as a road with two ditches. Biblical faith is the road. On each side of the road runs a ditch. These ditches are opposite and erroneous models of faith that draw many believers into their pits.

Length: 1 or 3 hours

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